Kim Kardashian Publicly Accepts Her First Bitcoin

Will social media empress Kim Kardashian help bring more users to bitcoin?


Matthew Roszak, co-founder of Bloq and other cryptocurrency initiatives, must have thought so when he presented the social media titan a physical bitcoin during the First Annual “If Only’ Texas Hold’Em Charity Poker Tournament,” an event he announced on Twitter.


It didn’t take long for Kardashian to post “We moved onto bitcoin” on Instagram, along with two pictures of a physical bitcoin.


Some on Reddit said Kardashian could be a catalyst for cryptocurrency, seeing that she has 114 million followers.


A Kardashian Coin?

Roszak mentioned the Kardashians during a recent presentation at Tedx San Francisco, a conference that covers technology, entertainment and design.


The Kardashians, Roszak said in presenting the image of the KardashianCoin, can tokenize and create their own economy. “Every brand, every artist, every tribe, can tokenize their economy,” he said. He called it rewards points on steroids.


The tokens are used to incentivize early adopters, Roszak said, and they represent participation rights to new protocols, new layers of the Internet. “That’s a big change for investors, for participants and developers that want to reimagine certain layers of the Internet,” he said.


“Bitcoin is one of the greatest inventions of our time,” he said, which he noted is a bold statement for a technology that has existed for less than a decade. Using a railroad analogy, he said the blockchain provides the rails and the tokens are the boxcars that run on the rails.


The gift Satoshi gave was to allow people not to focus on a personality or an institution, he said, but on mathematics.


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