Cryptfunder Announce Plans to Nature Blockchain Startup, Token Sale

A new technology has come to stay, paving a new path in man and machine co-relationship while leaving a reality of disruption in its wake. Blockchain is man’s greatest technology after the Internet. However, the adoption of the technology is still widely debated and vaguely understood despite standing at the precipice of a revolution.


With bitcoin as the beginning of the blockchain revolution, this technology has continued to grow into diverse areas of applicability, ushering an unparalleled level of transparency, accountability, and security through the use of the smart contracts in consonance with the blockchain technology.
Employing this technology, several startups are offering solutions that have been carefully structured to fit into this modern society and iron out some unbecoming wrinkle. But how can these sprout of tokenized offering receive due recognitions that will prompt and promote the funding of their initiatives? Cryptfunder is the answer to this challenge.

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